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Greek Islands Travel Guide

Why Greece?

greek island tours travel greeceImagine a country with over 150 inhabited islands; with a unique variety of panoramas, from clear blue seas to lush green landscapes; with a timeless sense of history revealed in a bewildering profusion of cultural monuments and majestic ancient ruins: Greece has enough fascinations to fill a lifetime of travel. It is an inspiring destination, blessed with outstanding natural beauty.

Life in Greece is Unique

Whether you want to dream the classical myths, relax by the sea, join the locals for a glass of wine, ouzo, tsipouro or rakomelo, or dance the night away in some of the top glorious night clubs in the Mediterranean – Greece has all the right ingredients for a romantic vacation.

Greek map blue Greece For those who want to add an extra dimension to their holiday a wide range of activities are available, from any of the water sports or Olympic sports to trekking and climbing, via anything else the heart may desire.

With the longest coastline of any European country, Greece is an unrivaled destination for a yachting holiday. The inspiring beauty of Greece and the Greek islands combined with all aspects of your personal dreams and expectations towards an ultimate yachting experience. Chartering a yacht is the best solution for island hopping sailing holidays in Greece. Each of its island groups has its own unique style, character, architecture, customs and traditions. And for those keen on privacy, Greece has thousands of isolated bays that are inaccessible from the land and offer the ultimate experience of exclusiveness – a dream come true!

There are plenty of great getaways that you can spend with the people you love the most. Some may prefer going for cruises, while others may want to spend beach getaways. If you want to experience a vacation under the sun, then Greece is definitely the best place for you. There are various Greek island tours that will surely give you and your loved ones a fantastic time. Browse the contents of this website and see which tour best suit.

Before you travel to the place you are holidaying at, you should always make plans for the following beforehand.

Things To Remember:


Whatever be your preferences there will be places which will fulfill most of them. For this you need to make careful pre booking. In Greece you may not find it problematic to get what you want. There are cheap hotels in Greece that will cater to all your needs, If you are on a shoe string budget you will find many places that are quite reasonably priced and yet do not compromise on the comfort level. You can get resorts that are situated near the beaches. Tourists can also get apartments that are located near their place of interest.

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You should find out about the transport facility where you are planning to visit. In Greece as there are many islands you will have a gala time traveling in ferries. If you take a packaged deal then find out whether you will be getting a vehicle for traveling in. In some of the islands such as Mykonos etc, it is difficult to find taxis at all hours. So it is preferable to have a car at your disposal while in Greece.

Useful Information

Before going to Greece get some information about the country. Know all the places of interest. Dab a little in the history of the country. Find out about the festivals and culture of Greeks. Carry a dictionary of the language mostly spoken in  Greece. Book early your fly and buy necessary cheap airtickets  and its good to book a hotel room before you depart for your destination.

Greece is a country of different colours and customs. There are many things to look for when you go touring in Greece. Browse this site to know all the must see destinations that Greece has in store for you.