A Seven-day Travel Tour to Greece

A travel to Greece would be a delightful experience for lovers of culture, art and literature.  Tourists are always amazed by the beauty of ancient ruins and nature whenever they are in Greece. Its historical and mythological culture is mirrored in every pieces of art viewed in museums and even in festivals.

Greece is a country in the southeastern Europe, surrounded by thousand of islands that are home to the exquisite coves, lakes, rivers, beaches, mountains and cliffs. The country is bounded by both rich nature and history which provide the main attractions for foreigners.

Spending seven days for a travel to Greece would have tons of fun and unforgettable moments. Athens would be the most preferred first destination in Greece. It is the capital and one of the largest cities where visitors flock, mostly in summer time. There are plenty of cheap to luxurious hotels, apartments and lodging houses. Some Greeks let tourists rent rooms of their own houses. It is best to arrive there at night so you can have time to rest. Once settled on the location you chose to stay at, try exploring Athens on your first day.

athens greece parthenon acropolis

Parthenon Acropolis Athens

Acropolis is the favorite destination of visitors in Athens. Buildings built in Acropolis are located at an elevated flat-topped rock. The place was built during ancient time to function as a defense from invaders. All principal buildings and temples are in Acropolis. One of them is Parthenon. It is a temple which is built to give recognition to Athena. There are other building ruins that are worth taking a picture for while exploring the ruins of Acropolis. There is The Erechtheum, which honors Athena and Poseidon. The Propylea is also a building few meters away from Parthenon.

A museum is just few steps away the Paethenon. After a tiring yet fantastic tour around Acropolis, check out the New Acropolis Museum. It has over 4,000 artifacts. All of the treasures are found on the excavation of the place.

It is for sure that you will be spending almost half of your day in exploring Acropolis. Greek meals just outside Acropolis are mostly inexpensive yet tasty to eat. Your travel to Greece should let you enjoy Greek cuisines. Most are served together with bread and water. Late lunch as well as late dinner is a Greek’s way in eating meals.

Cyclades Greek Islands Map

Cyclades Map

After grabbing some Greek cuisine for a late lunch, start exploring other remarkable museums in town. There is National Arhceological Museum which covers prehistoric art to late antiquity. Ancient monuments are also available for sightseeing such as Keramaicos Necropolis, Theatre of Dionysus, Temple of Poseidon, and Temple of Olympian Zeus. You can not finish all of them in one whole afternoon. It is better to take a rest or sip a Greek wine in the evening. Continue your travel to Greece in the morning.

A travel to Greece would not be complete in just one city. A near island to Athens is Mykonos. Most travelers go straightly to the island after Athens. The afternoon of your second day to Greece can be spent on your travel from Athens to Mykonos. It can be via ferry or place. There two shipping lines which offer transportation from Piraeus port to Mykonos island. Ferry is cheaper, for only €30 to €50 depending on the class. It can take up to 5 hours before you can get to the island. Night ferries are also available if you want to have longer day in Athens. However, faster transportation is provided by place which can cost up to €200 depending on the class. It is only a 15 to 45 minute travel, depending on the flight you are in. It is wise to book a flight, or even a ferry ride, weeks or months in advance.

Mykonos Island Little Venice greece

Little Venice on Mykonos Island

Mykonos is an iconic white architecture, with beaches full of party goers. It is said to be a hot spot for party cum beach lovers. Swimmers can also take advantage of its ‘optional clothing rule’ that is often available on Mykonos beaches.

Cheap hotels and apartments are scattered all over Mykonos. There are also luxurious hotels, but since it is a seven day travel to Greece, it is better to budget your money. Best location to stay at is an establishment near the beach. Enjoy your nights while having parties on various bars of Mykonos. It is scattered all over the beach shores. The party is all night long so it is recommended to have a room near those party bars. Scandinavian Bar is a famous bar since its dance floor was opened since 1978.

During day time, visit the beaches of Mykonos. Some offers amenities for water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, boat paddling, and scuba diving. There are also hidden precious spots that are worth finding for. If you found them, remember to take pictures. Always bring a camera on your exploration as well as substantial memory card for the digital camera that you will be using on your travel to Greece.

On the fifth day travel to Greece, take a ferry boat from Mykonos to Santorini. It is only a 2 hour and 25 minute travel using a high-speed ferry. The price ranges from €38 for economy seat class to €57 for business seat class.

santorini oia greece sunset cyclades

Santorini Island, Oia

Spend your whole fifth and sixth day travel to Greece in visiting the beaches of Santorini. The place is composed of different villages on a volcanic cliff. The explosion of a volcano led to the formation of Santorini. All villages are around a big caldera, which is now filled with sea water. Santorini caldera is the main attraction of the place because the unique color of volcanic cliffs, sands and pebbles are pleasing to the eye of everyone. Colors are from black, white and red. What you should not miss in your visit to Santorini is the colorful sunset. The caldera became crowded during the afternoon because tourists often watch the exquisite scene.

End your travel to Greece by taking a flight from Santorini to Athens. It is advisable to take the plane rather than a ferry boat. It is only a 45 to 50 minute flight back to Athens. It would be your time to buy souvenirs that you can carry back to your own country.

A seven-day travel to Greece for you holiday would be a superb choice!

Photo Source:commons.wikimedia.org

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