A Summer Tour in Greece

greek island summer tours vacationsA summer in Greece would be the best escapade from a tiring work or a load of exams. It is a refreshing way to get back the body’s energy and peaceful mind. Greece offers a variety of destinations from nature-lover to party goers. Series of festivals is also held during the summer in Greece, letting the visitors enjoy and embrace the Greeks’ rich culture. Landing a foot to Greece during this season is an exciting entry to a fun under the sun.

Greece is a European country known for its ancient civilization and history. It is a mountainous area with numerous beaches scattered all over. There are three main reasons for foreigners who visit Greece. It is the culture, history and nature.

The culture of Greece is enveloped on each city, which later became the destinations for travelers who wants to encounter a unique experience. Many festivals are held during the summer in Greece. These festivals are open to tourists because Greeks love sharing their magnificent civilization and values to people all over the world. The famous Hellenic Festival is celebrated on the height of summer in Greece. The festival is composed of a variety of performances like ballet, opera, theatre, dances, and song numbers, which are mostly presented at Lykavittos theatre. Visitors who are busy with water sports in near beaches do not miss to take the opportunity of joining the event.

In full celebration of the Hellenic Festival is the Epidaurus Festival. It is a part of the almighty Hellenic Festival held at the theatre of Epidaurus. It is a play which was created since the ancient Greeks. The show lets the audience spiced up with ancient civilization.

The showcase of Greek rich culture does not end with plays. Music is the highlight of Icarus Festival of Dialogue Between Cultures. It is the performance of music inspired by different cultures, mixed up together, and played on a single instrument. A star instrument is chosen  each year. It is the main instrument that will be use in the performance. Violin is used in 2008.

Two other festivals during the summer in Greece are August Moon Festival which are live performances under a full moon, and Rockwave Athens which rock the crowd through the performances of international rock bands.

Greek’s culture and history are mirrored on festivals, but it is considerably seen on the cities of Greece which houses the museums and ancient ruins. A summer on Greece would be the best opportunity to visit the country’s historical places.

Athens is the capital of Greece which is also one of the largest cities in the country. The jewels of Athens are Acropolis and Parthenon. They dominate the city due to its principal role in the most advanced civilization title of Greece. The heat of the summer will be covered with enticement once the ancient buildings in the area were viewed. Down the building are museums like New Acropolis Museum, which houses the hundred-year-old artifacts.

Summer in Greece would also be fulfilling by taking a look at other cities such as Delphi, which is famous for the Oracle of Deplhi; Epidaurus, which is known for the Sanctuary of Asklepios; Meteora, where monasteries are built at the top of rock towers; and Halkidiki, which has three peninsulas with marvellous beaches.

Greek Island Summer Tour

Tourist would enjoy most of their summer in Greece by lingering the beaches. Santorini would be a terrific destination because the caldera is composed of beaches with unique colors of pebbles and sand. Beaches in Santorini offers hotels for visitors to stay, but in any case that they just went there for a swim, there are umbrellas and longing chairs to rent for. There are family-oriented beaches in the area which provide amenities for ball games, which cater the children’s needs for an extreme summer sport.

Beaches are obviously busy during the summer in Greece. Most are crowded with tourists entertaining themselves away from tedious work and school stuffs. People involved themselves into adventurous water sports like water ski, wind and wave surfing, boat paddling, and scuba diving. These are fat-burning yet supremely healthy activities for a summer escapade.

After a weary swim or water sport, sipping a cocktail and attending a party at night would be a fabulous deal for tourists. Bars on the aligned at the seashore of Greece are open day and night. Night parties are held with so much jiving and rocky music. Party people enjoy all night party along the beaches during the summer in Greece. Along the tasty Greece wine and cocktails at night are delicious Greek cuisines with various origins. The foods are fit for any type of meals.

Since Greece has its green and nature atmosphere, it is best to see the sunsets, especially near the caldera of Santorini. Spending a summer in Greece would not be complete without this breathtaking activity. Every afternoon, caldera is crowded with tourist and even the Greeks themselves to view the slow turning of sky’s color while the sun is setting into the mountain. The site can give enough relaxation for travelers who chose Greece to release the tension from their own world.

A summer in Greece would undoubtedly replenish a burned out body. Sight-seeing and nature would give positive energy. Outdoor activities and the beaches are fit for a healthy mind and body. Anyone should try spending a summer in Greece.

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