Beaches in Santorini a Mixture of Sun and Fun

The Island of Santorini Awaits You Timelessly

Santorini traditional and artistic Village of Oia ( Ia )

Santorini traditional and artistic Village of Oia ( Ia )

Santorini (also known as Thira, Strongili, Kallisti, Ancient Thera or Santa Irini), located in the Cyclades, rises from the Aegean Sea of Greece with grace, beauty and mystic.

Arriving by boat into the caldera (the inner sea ringed by the island) is simply amazing – as if time is standing still just for you.

Arriving by plane, flying over the island and its black volcano gives an idea of finding the Lost Atlantis – the center of the world. Santorini – thousands of years old and still being discovered.

Home over the years to sailors, sea captains, wine makers, farmers, ship builders, Venetian nobles, architects, artists and visitors from around the world. Living in unique cave-like homes high on the cliffs, in neo-classical mansions and long ago in Akrotiri – the seaside village found in the late 1970’s buried by the volcano in centuries past.

White clifftop villages. Natural beauty of the sea-sky-land in harmony under the sun. Friends meeting and talking in the narrow streets. Blue domed churches named after the Saints. Sailboats beneath you and the Volcano always in view.

The daily rhythm of a simple life following the sun’s slow path and the moon’s many colors and sizes. No surprise that Santorini continues to charm, sooth and stimulate all the senses.

Popular Santorini Beaches

Beaches in Santorini are crystal-blue water scattered along the eastern part of the island. They are precious for Greeks as it is the famous tourist attraction during summer. The uniqueness of the color of the sand as well as the various land formation made the beaches in Santorini a thumbs up destination for foreigners who want to enjoy swimming, water sports and night life.

Santorini is an island in Greece with towns and beaches situated on high cliffs. The location of Santorini made it as the best destination for a breathtaking view of sunsets. Unlike the green island, the place is composed of rocky high cliffs where houses are arranged like ladder upward. Going down to the caldera are beaches with various colors of sand such as black, white and red, which awed most of the visitors because every color glows like diamonds on the seashore. Santorini is a mixture of nature-loving environment and city life. It is a city lifestyle away from the pollution and traffic jam.

santorini lava beach greece cyclades

Santorini Beach

Around the main town are a number of tavernas or small restaurants, which offer tasty and outstanding Greek cuisines. Shops for gifts and souvenirs are also all over the place. The interesting thing about the island is not only the unique color of the sand of the beaches in Santorini, but also the caldera. Since Santorini is a product of volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago, a caldera was formed. It is now filled with sea water where tourists go to during the summer. The caldera became the main beaches in Santorini. The cliffs have different volcanic colors like rust red, chocolate brown, white, cream, and yellow ochre. It made the beaches in Santorini appealing to the eyes of tourists.

Beaches in Santorini have its own characteristics other than the color of sand and pebbles. Kamari beach is one of the most popular beaches in Santorini. It is located at the village of Kamari, a village with relaxed environment, which is ideal for sunset viewing while drinking cocktails or eating snack. The place is installed with countless bars, pizza parlor, tavernas, clothing shops, and lodging houses. Aside from rooms are chairs and umbrellas for rent. Water in Kamari beach turns deep quickly as it creates large waves fit for water sports. Kamari beach can be considered as the most crowded beach among the other beaches in Santorini during summer.

Another name on the list of best beaches in Santorini is the Red beach. The beach is located in the Akrotiri area, which is famous for the unique red color of its sand and the cliff behind it. Red beach can be reached by boat or by foot. Walking would be a perfect avenue for a fat-burning activity and picture taking. The beach is small so it has the tendency of becoming crowded during peak seasons. Among the beaches in Santorini, it is an advisable site for snorkeling because of the rocks.

Santorini Red Beach Akrotiri greece

Santorini Red Beach

Perissa is one among the black beaches in Santorini, located at the southern part of Pofitis IIias. The sand in Perissa beach is black, soft and fine in nature, thus, it is extremely hot during the summer. Swimmers often find the area too hot to stay in a long time during the summer. This is a reason for Greeks to put up only few stalls along the area. However, the beach has people living in the area, which is not considered as villagers but tourists spending their holidays there. The main attraction of Perissa beach is not its smooth sand, but the large rock standing near the beach. It is one type of beaches in Santorini that gives an enticing night view once the lights of the rocks are out. There is also a small path going to the ruins of Ancient Thera where can be reached by riding on a donkey or by just walking.

The longest among the black beaches in Santorini is Perivolos beach. The sand in Perivolos is lighter than that of Perissa, and is sometime considered as dark gray. The restaurants and bars all over the beach are well-organized, and are open for day party. Fish-based Santorini delicacies are available at Perivolos beach. Volleyball and other ball games are fun to do here because of the soothing wind blowing from the North. It is also the place for water sports because they offer amenities for scuba diving, wind surfing, jet skiing, and other enjoyable water activities.

The most quiet and isolated from beaches in Santorini is Cape Columbo beach. The big slap of rock which slightly covers the area made it solemn. It is a windy area compared to the other beaches in Santorini.

Family is the theme of Monolithos beach. It is the most family-oriented among the beaches of Santorini. It has courts for children to do ball games. There are other beaches in Santorini, but those are of few tourists and some are not convenient for swimming.

Best places in Santorini are almost all beaches. Though, the sunset is worth watching in the island. It provides a peaceful aura and a breathtaking show. Tourist will surely be awed on the exquisite beauty of the features of the beaches of Santorini.


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