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Greece offers everything from ancient architecture, art, romance and wonderful cuisine. Enjoy the best of Greece, tour the Acropolis, Delphi, Marathon, Thebes and the ancient sanctuary of the god Apollo.

On a tour of Greece, discover how the birthplace of Western civilization shaped the world we live in…from the might of Alexander the Great to the wisdom of Socrates.  Explore a world where mythological figures from Sparta, Athens and Corinth remain as relevant today as they were 3,000 years ago. Travel to Greece is not only a journey through the land, but also through time.

You want to opt for a packaged deal for that holiday in Greece that you have been looking forward to for ages? Well there is good news for you. There are packages that comply with most of your desires. Book the one you want to from a plethora of enticing deals. Browse this site to find out what you should expect from these different packages.

Create Your Own Itinerary:

If you have in mind what all places that interest you and you want to visit, then you have the freedom to. There are some tourism offices that provide you to make your own programs. All you need to do is give the details of your travel dates that is when you will arrive and when you are planning to leave. It is that simple. You can give them a list of places you want to visit along with the number of people you wish to visit with. And your package is ready!

Santorini Oia Accommodation Overlooking the Caldera

Santorini Oia Accommodation Overlooking the Caldera

Make Islands Your Specialty

You can take packages that are based on islands mainly. As there are around four hundred islands in Greece, many packages have special island hopping packages and deals. There are deals that offer the services of cruises. You can either go for these cruise packages or rely on the reliable and enchanting ferry system of the country.

Mainland Packages And Deals

There are many packages that specialize in the mainland rather than the beaches. Greece has un matched landscapes and scenic beauty everywhere. Not only the natural beauty such as mountains and beaches, or the picturesque peninsulas that it has to offer, but also man made beauties such as churches and museums. There are many churches scattered all over this country. The country of Greece has a rich and colorful history. This makes it mandatory to go and visit the exquisite museums of Greece that open windows to the country’s past.

If you are going there for a honeymoon, you could choose from a number of honeymoon packages that the country has to offer.

Mediterranean cruises offer a great way to see Greece and surrounding countries and offer an excellent value as well, since all meals on-board the ship are included in your price.

Keep in mind when planning your tour that peak season is May through September and the winter season is from November to April. Plan your Greece vacation according to your interests, budget and needs to make sure you have the best experience while in Greece.


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