Greek Island Tour of Samos in Five Days

Greek isle Samos known as isle of love and philosophy (The island of Pythagoras of Samos an Ionian [Greek] philosopher and founder of the religious movement called Pythagoreanism) will certainly satisfy all who want to have relaxing holidays.

The isle lies in the centre of the Aegean, only 3 km away from Turkey. The total area of Samos and the islets which surround it is 475 square kilometers.

We were pleasant surprised how peaceful isle the Samos is. Although there are many beautiful beaches and lots of sights, there are no crowds of tourists.

samos island greece map

Samos Island Greece Map

1st day of Samos tour

Papa’s beach – the most beautiful Samos beach

The First Day of Island tour we spent to look around the village we were staying.

We accommodated in a low budjet beach hotel in a fishing village Ireon and did some sightseeing of Ireon.

We arrived in the morning, so we had the whole day to look around the village. Ireon has many tavernas with everyday fresh fish, souvenir shops and square – the main gathering spot for all visitors in the evenings, especially children who like to play football there.

Papa’s Beach Samos

Papa’s Beach Samos

Only 20 minutes of walk further from the port brings you to Papa’s beach – the most beautiful beach near Ireon. There is a small taverna, where you can even make reservations for the sunbeds and beach umbrellas. The stuff in very friendly, especially if you are a good guest. You certainly don’t want to miss all the pleasure the beach offers.

Ireon Samos Island

Ireon Samos Island

Only 20 minutes by walk further from the port brings you to Papa’s beach – the most beautiful beach near Ireon.

2nd day of Samos tour

Second day and on our island tour

On our Island Tour we rented a scooter and start discovering the isle.

Our first stop was Heraion (only 5 minutes of scooter drive from Ireon) – the most important ancient remains on the isle. You get impressed there by the column preserved up to half of its original, but it is still 25m high.

After one hour and a half of admiring the remains, we continued our trip to Pythagoreio (approx. 25 minutes of drive). The town was named after famous mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras. You can find the statue of Pythagoras in a harbor.

pythagoreion samos pythagoras monumen

Pythagoreion Samos Pythagoras Monument

Around the town are many sights to see.

We recommend you to visit the Anthony and Cleopatra’s Roman baths (Thermes) and the very impressive Eupalinus Tunnel. Tunnel was carried out under Polycrates to supply the town with water (population of 80.000), it was built by two teams from both sides of the mountain, it is 1,70m high and 1.350m long, it was almost 1000 years the only water supply system for the town.

You can visit The house of Logothetis with the Church of the Transfiguration next to it, remains of the fortifications ancient Astypalaia, the Monastery of the Our Lady of “Spiliani” and underground Chapel of the Blessed Virgin, as well.

The road to the monastery and Eupalinus Tunnel leads you by the ancient theater.

3rd day of Samos tour

The Third day and capital town

The Third Day of Island Tour we took the shortest way to capital town of the isle – Samos.

You need approx. 1 hour drive with scooter from Ireon to get there.

In Samos you can take a quick look of the main sights: the Archeological Museum, the Pythagoras square with the legendary Lion monument, Monument at Vathy, Public Library, Municipal Gardens in front of the Town Hall, Art Gallery, the Square of St. Spiridon and Church of the St. Spiridon, Post Office.

We suggest you to grab a gyros pita and to head off for Kokkari, a fishing harbor and a tourist centre, interesting for surfers.

kokkari harbour samos

Kokkari Harbour Samos

At Kokkari you can see a church of St. Panteleimon, patron saint of the town.

You can take a break there for a swim and then you can continue your trip along the north beach, passing the Avlakia Lemonakia beach, Tsambados and Tsabou beach all the way to Agios Konstantinos, where you can turn to the south and drive back to Ireon through villages Zervou, Mytilinii and Hora.

4th day of Samos tour

The Forth Day and Karlovassi

The Forth Day of our Island Tour we were discovering the north side of the islet.

Our aim was to get to Karlovassi. From Ireon we drove through all biggest villages: Hora, Koumaredei, Pyrgos and Agios Theodori. After 2.5 km from Chora on the right, on the main road to the village Mavratzoi, there is one of the oldest monasteries on the isle The Monastery of Timiou Stavrou. We reached Karlovassi after 2 hours of drive. The road was all the time up to the hill. The highest mountain pass was over 600m high.

Karlovassi is the second largest town and harbor on the isle – 34km away to the North- West side. All the ships that go to Samos stop first here.There are some interesting buildings and churches of interesting architecture to see, the coast is pretty windy.

Karlovassi Samos Greece

Karlovassi Samos

Karlovassi was formerly the commercial and industrial capital of the isle. There was the first isle’s newspaper published. Today there are only a few light industries dedicated to ceramics, wall decorations and weaving. The town is divided into five sections: Old, New and Middle Karlovassi, the Bay and the harbour.

Back to Ireon we took the road along the northern coast. In Agios Konstandions we turned right to the pictures village of Manolates located on altitude of 350m. The road leads you through deep shadow of planes trees and along drink water spring.

Although the road is very narrow and full of turnings it is worth seeing because of the beautiful view from the top.

5th day of Samos tour

The Fifth Day and route around isle

The Fifth Day of our Island Tour was our last route with scooter around the isle.

We spent it discovering the so called best beaches on the east side of the isle.

We went to Psili Amos (in Greek language that means fine sand), Mykale bay, Gangos beach, Nisi, Agios Paraskevi, B. Asprohorti bay.

mycale bay samos

Mycale Bay Samos

We preferred Mykale bay where we enjoyed the emerald colored water and quietness. The water was maybe a little bit colder, but we like it that way, so we didn’t mind. There were just a few tourists and the water was crystal-clear.



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