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Greece has a great mix of ancient and exotic destinations! Here you will get an idea of what all is in store for you in Greece. Greece as a holiday spot can be quite an exhilarating destination, not to say hectic. There are so many things to look for in Greece that you could get completely exhausted by the end of the day. Browse this site and know what all to visit.

The places to visit that can be broadly divided into two categories.

Greek Islands

There are many islands in Greece. Some of the islands that you should make out time for are Cyclades islands, Ionian islands, Dodecanese islands etc. Do not forget to visit the eastern Aegean and Crete island with its scenic beauty.

There are so many beaches in Greece that it can be a mind boggling experience for you.  Ornos beach in Mykonos is a beautiful and serene sand beach that could make time stand still. There are also quite a few nude beaches but you would have to ask the locals to find them.

Greek Islands Cyclades Map Aegean Sea

Greek Islands Cyclades Map Aegean Sea

The Aegean Islands


Santorini, legendary site of the lost Atlanti born of a violent volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, Santorini with its vast caldera and mighty cliff face is an awesome island, powerful with its imagery and totally unforgettable. Although Santorini may appear daunting at first sight, beyond the rising cliff face lie rolling fields of wheat, tomato, pistachio and vineyards. Rippling along the cliff-top is the most cosmopolitan selection of evening entertainment. Stand beside Oia’s old fortress ruins for the best view – truly a sight to be seen.

Santorini is undoubtedly the most extraordinary island in the Aegean. An ascent to the town of Thira is the highlight. The view from the summit over the volcanic bay is quite breathtaking. Opt for an excursion to excavated Acrotiri, the Pompeii of the Aegean, take a donkey, or cable car ride to Thera or an optional excursion to the Akrotiri excavations.

Thira, Santorini at night

Thira, Santorini at night


Paros Island is a neighbor of Mykonos yet so different. The main harbour town of Paroikia with its narrow streets, white houses and selection of shops and restaurants is ideal for a leisurely afternoon’s exploration. The Church of a Hundred Doors is Paros’s chief monument; it is often the focus of pilgrims and historians. The lovely Naoussa is the island’s second port and here you will find the half-submerged ruins of a Venetian castle located near the harbour. This is one of the most picturesque places in all of Greece, especially at night when the tavernas’ tables are set by the water’s edge and there’s not a vehicle to be seen.

Paros has a little of everything one expects from a “Greek Island”, old villages, monasteries, fishing harbors, a labyrinthine capital and some of the best nightlife and beaches in the Aegean.

paros paroikia windmill cyclades greece

Paros Paroikia Windmill


Mykonos is perhaps the best known Cycladic Island and locally perceived as the most sophisticated. With a wild natural beauty, the countryside is punctuated with the charm of old dovecotes, their walls decorated with carved designs. The island has a beautiful harbour with the bustling town right below. Mykonos island is an island of beaches – from Platy Yialos, Paradise and Super Paradise, all well supplied with tavernas and watering holes, to smaller, lesser-known bays. The nightlife is totally hedonistic and quite delightfully outrageous, playground of artists and international celebrities..

This charming, sugar-coated island is a favorite of the jet setters. You can walk through quaint winding streets and delight in the ethnic beauty of rustic houses. Enjoy the beaches in the morning, and the vibrant tavernas at night. An excursion to nearby sacred Delos is easily available. Relax, swim on sandy beaches, take a motorboat tour to sacred Delos. Great night life at vibrant tavernas.

mykonos island beach greece cyclades

Mykonos Island Beach


Legendary home of the Sun God Apollo, it is easy to see why Rhodes is the most popular of the Greek Islands. The “Island of Roses” will delight you with magnificent displays of exotic flowers growing in profusion throughout the island. A visit to the coastal village of Lindos is a must. History-steeped Rhodes offers you the bustling cosmopolitan city, the medieval city of the Knights of St. John, and the Acropoplis of Lindos, said to be the most elegant of all.

Rhodes Island Dodecanese Greece rodos town

Rhodes Island, Town


Crete is famous for its immense archaeological value. Visit the ancient site of the Palace of Knossos – the kingdom of King Minos and the world’s only Minoan museum, stretching back 4,000 years into Crete’s history. This is the site of the legendary minotaur. In the nearby Heraklion Museum you will be able to see relics uncovered from the great Minoan Civilization.

Crete Island Map greece

Crete Island Map


Worldwide recognition of Elounda is not only due to its new first class hotels, more so it was developed from the unique beauty and perfect calm of its surrounds. Its sea-waters are invariably flat being well-protected by an outcrop of land. Children can easily play at the shallow clean beach and watersports are plentiful. The town has a small sandy beach along with a good selection of shops and tavernas serving some of the best fish dishes you will find anywhere on the island. Just along the coast is the village of Plaka with a shingle beach, suitable for snorkeling and with a spectacular view of the uninhabited island of Spinalonga. Spinalonga’s isolation is haunting. Once its Venetian castle stood proudly guarding the bay and then later the island became a leper colony. Visitors can take the boat across from both Elounda and Aghios Nikolaos.

elounda crete greece spinalonga

Elounda Crete

Aghios Nikolaos

Perhaps best known for its picture postcard setting, Aghios Nikolaos is an established resort town. Its circular lake and harbour area are so inviting. There’s a splash of colour everywhere you look. Brightly painted fishing boats nudge the quayside and fronting the water you’ll find a good selection of pavement bars and lively tavernas.

agios nikolaos voulismeni lake crete

Agios Nikolaos, Voulismeni Lake Crete


Chania was the capital of Crete at the turn of the century. This was the time of its greatest prosperity. Nowadays, it is a working city, and is ideal for exploring. Within the heart of the city, the old town is quite small. The street of the leatherworkers is industrious and always of interest to visitors. The harbour’s vaulted colonnades occasionally house market traders and typically the town is hallmarked with a Venetian fortress. The suburb area of Halepa, east of the town, is where historic dignitaries once lived.

Chania Crete

Chania Crete

The Ionian Islands


Corfu offers its visitors a cosmopolitan atmosphere of its own, with its narrow streets, innumerable beauty spots, a sumptuous gambling Casino. It is the “bewitched island” of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and one of the islands of Homer’s Odyssey.

Corfu Pontikonisi Ionian islands

Corfu Pontikonisi Ionian islands


In the middle of Ionic Sea , Lefkada attract us with its particular charm.

Beyond its immense beaches, the charm of the island hides in far rocky coasts which give a sense of fear with their beauty, surrounded by plane-trees in slopes rich in olive groves.

The extraordinary combination mountain-sea, the contrast in the landscape, the lively folk art which goes on in spite of industrialization, the manifestations and the good-natured and nice people in the island are only some of Lefkada merits and make it a privileged island.

A narrow artificial channel separates Lefkada from the Greek continental coast. Its harbour is daily connected with the other inhabited islands of the Ionic Sea and with the nearest ones like Corfy and Paxoi islands, through ferries and caicchi.

This island, with the extension of Eptaneso, is the most mountainous of the Ionic island and the highest peak is Elati. The widest plain is in the northern part.

Little tablelands and narrow valleys form among the mountains.

All this makes Lefkada become much more than a greek island.

Lefkada is the ideal place for a unique stay.

Lefkada Island Greece

Lefkada Island Greece

Greek Mainland Areas

Other than beaches there are many places you should add to your itinerary. Athens should be top priority. Definitely visit the ancient Acrpolis which is situated on a hill top. This city has many shopping areas and a wonderful night life as well. North of Greece there is a place called Halkidiki having three peninsulas called Cassandra, Sithonia and mount Athos.

There are picturesque villages and beaches to boast of. There are many wonderful monasteries that are carved out of rock. Called Meteora, this place is heaven for those seeking peace and tranquility. All the villages of Greece are as pretty as a picture. Amaliapolis, a beautiful village, has splendid beaches and interesting locals. Beautiful olive groves entice one and all to come visit them. You will not be haggled by street vendors and steep prices as this village has not been as disturbed by the commercial trade as a few other villages.

You should also visit Delphi, Epidaurus and Olympia among others. Every year millions of tourists come to Greece for a great holiday. There is no specific time to visit the exotic country.

Acropolis Athens Greece

Acropolis of Athens Greece


What often amazes the first time visitor to Athens is its sheer size. Athens fairly throbs with life in a most un-European fashion. For most people, Athens consists of the triangle defined by Syntagma Square, hectic Omonia Square and the Acropolis. There are dozens of museums well worth a visit as well as the Theatre of Dionysus. See the changing of the guard and visit Plaka’s restaurants.

Visit Panathenian stadium, Hadrian’s arch, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and up to the famed Acropolis for a complete visit, including its museum with its masterpiece in bronze the “Young Charioteer”. View the Theater of Dionysus, Temple of Thesseum, and the Agora (Forum), where the ancient Greeks assembled.


Halkidiki is Macedonia’s three-pronged peninsula. Kassandra, the first finger of the peninsula, is the most popular with its wide soft-sand beaches and busy villages. The middle Sithonia region is probably the most natural and least commercialized, magnificent for exploration. On the third peninsular lies the monastery of Athos, which for a thousand years has been a fortress to its male inhabitants and which visitors may only view from the sea.

Hhalkidiki Map greece kassandra athos mount sithonia

Halkidiki Map


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