Remarkable Athens Attractions

Athens attractions are almost monumental that do not feign to awed tourists. They are mostly historical ruins, which every detail tell a story. Some are museums which house thousand-year –old artifacts. Athens attractions are the place that should not be left out when in Greece.

Athens Mount Lycabettus Greece

Athens, from the top of Mount Lycabettus

The city of Athens is the capital of Greece. It is one of the largest, attracting visitors to stay because of various hotels and restaurants all over the city. Athens is an ancient city with a rich history, which started when Gods of Mythology were still walking on the earth. It is no doubt that the artifacts that can be found on the museum are priceless and must-see.

Along the artifacts are ruins of buildings built many years ago. Some of the ruins of  Athens attractions were renovated due to a number of visitors coming in and out of the city to check them out. Athens attractions are worth seeing and best before traveling to the other part of Greece for a swim.

Acropolis of Athens

One of the Athens Attractions you should visit is the Acropolis of Athens. It is an elevated ground. A flat-topped rock, around 500 ft above sea level where Ancient Building and temples where erected. The high ground of the Acropolis serves as defense from invaders. This the reason behind the early leaders to chose it as the place to build notable buildings and temples. Today, the Acropolis of Athens is a home to the great Parthenon.

Acropolis Athens greece

Acropolis Athens

The Parthenon is a temple originally built and dedicated to Athena – a Greek goddess.  As time passed by and as the city-state changed leadership, the Parthenon also served as treasury, A Christian church dedicated to Virgin Mary. Later on, it was even considered as a mosque. Because of the large volume of tourist flocking the magnificent Athens attractions, the Greek Government has done restoration works in 2002 and 2007 to ensure the stability of the structure.

The Acropolis Museum

In line with the Acropolis of Athens, among the Athens Attractions to visit is the Acropolis Museum. The old Acropolis Museum opened in 1874. Further successful excavations in the Acropolis brought a lot of new artifacts in the museum. Having exceeded its original capacity, it was expanded in the 1950’s. In June 2009, the New Acropolis Museum opened. It contains 4,000 artifacts all found in the Acropolis of Athens.

Acropolis and Acropolis Museum Athens

Acropolis and Acropolis Museum

The Ancient Agora

Just below the Acropolis is an agora, which played a critical function in the trade of ancient Greeks. Ancient Agora is now one of the Athens Attractions. During the ancient times, it served as a market place and a place for assembly. People going to Ancient Agora buy and sell goods, assemble for military duty or hear the king’s announcement. This is also the place where Socrates and Plato, Classical Philosophers, roamed around and conducted their discussion. These speeches were recognized as the foundations of Western Science and Philosophy.

While you are in the ancient agora, you can also visit the other Athens Attractions from the ancient times like the ruin of the Forum in the east. The northern part of the Ancient Agora used to be the Temple of Ares. Ruins of that temple are still visible today.

ancient agora of athens greece

Ancient Agora of Athens

Temple of Hephaestus

Belongs to the Athens attractions you should not miss is the Temple of Hephaestus also known as the Temple of Hephaestus Athena Ergane. It is the best preserved of all the ancient Greek structures around. Temple of Hephaestus was named after the patron god of metal works, which is Hephaestus, together with the patron goddess of pottery and crafts, which is Athena Ergane. The temple once contained decorative sculptures. Laurel and other plants surrounded the temple. Temple of Hephaestus was converted to a Christian church that was dedicated to Saint George in the 7th century.  The last mass took place in February of 1833. It became a burial place until 1934, when it was declared as an ancient monument that should be protected.

temple of hephaestus Hephaisteion athens

Temple of Hephaestus, Hephaisteion, Athens

Athens has been the Venue of the Olympics twice. The first was in 1896, and recently,  in 2004. Four of the venues used in 1896 were reused for the 2004 games. These places should be added in Athens attractions due to its contributions to the Olympics. The Athens Lawn tennis club added Squash court; and the Neo Phaliron Velodrome, which served for cycling games back in 1896. Neo Phaliron was renovated in 1964, and was renamed as Karaiskakis Stadium. It hosted football games in the 2004 Olympics. The Panathinaiko Stadium, which hosted Gymnastics and Wrestling games in 1896, then hosted Archery in 2004. Zappeion, a building which opened in 1888, hosted Fencing in 1896. It served as the main communications center in 2004.

Panathinaiko Stadium Kallimarmaron Athens Greece

Panathinaiko Stadium, Kallimarmaron, Athens

Other Athens attractions that can be visited in the city are significant schools, sacred caves, theatres, and festivals.

Athens is most famous for the Parthenon on the Acropolis. While you are standing in the center of the city, you will see glimpses of the ancient fortress through the buildings that make up the modern metropolis. Part of the wonder of the Parthenon is the simple fact that it is still standing even with the effects of the city’s pollution.

Athens has more than 44 museums to choose from. The most famous museum is the National Archaeological Museum. It is conveniently located and could take weeks to examine thoroughly. Just a couple of hours will leave you in awe of this magnificent collection. Many museums are just minutes from the hotels in Athens.

For shopping or getting something tasty to eat, the best area to explore is Kolonaki. Above Kolonaki is Lycabettus Hill where you will find the beautiful St. George Chapel. The hill is lit up at night creating a picture in your mind that you will never forget. Take a day trip from the hotel for a nice visit.

Ermou is the street for you if you love shopping. Everything from designer names to up and coming Greek locals are found here in Athens. It is near the Parliament Building on Syntagma square. As you move away from the square, the shopping becomes cheaper until you end up at the Flea Market.

Going to Athens on business? There are hotels that are located near the business district so you are always just minutes away from your most important meetings. Omonia Square is the center of business and business travelers in Athens. The Acropolis is a major attraction also located near the business district in Athens.

Constitution Square is another historical place to visit while you are in Athens. It is close to the major airport and easily accessible from hotels in Athens. While in Athens be sure to visit the Archaeological Museum in the business district of Athens as well.

The great Goulandris Foundation Museum of Cycladic Art if also found in Athens. This is where some of the greatest artifacts of Greece history are held. Ask your Greek hotel how to find this wonderful building.

If you want to take a little hike through Athens, try visiting Koloanki,which is a very modern part of Athens that has great shopping, markets and restaurants that you could very easily spend an entire day going through. You can take a taxi from any hotel in Greece to reach this famous street.

Athens attraction is a mixture of history and culture. The significance of Greece to the world history and literature was undeniable came most from the Athens attractions. Anyone who will visit Greece should step a foot in Athens.


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