Top Mainland Popular Tourist Destinations in Greece

Tourist destinations in Greece are places bounded by nature. Among them are a combination of historical and cultural body of land and water. The beauty of river, lake, beaches, islands, and caves turned tourist destinations in Greece into must-see places.

Greece is a country with a rich history. Its involvement on the mythology paves way on its popularity all over the world. The famous city of Athens and Sparta were subjected to Hollywood movies because of the story behind them. However, it is not only history that made Greece a phenomenal place to visit. Tourist destinations in Greece awed most of its visitors because of the underlying beauty of nature and culture of Greeks.

Summer is the famous season in Greece. Beaches are jam-packed with visitor all over the globe because the splash of water offers exciting water sports. Greek resorts have water sport facilities fit for lovers of kite surfing, sailing, water ski, wind surfing, and diving.

Famous yet worth-looking landmarks include churches, monuments, castle, traditional villages, and museums. These cultural heritages are one of the reasons why there are magnificent tourist destinations in Greece.  Athens, Halkidiki, Delphi, Epidaurus, Thessaly, and Nafplio are the cities and towns where these cultural heritages can be found.

Athens the top Destination in Greece

Athens can be considered as the top among the tourist destinations in Greece. The attractions include museums which houses artifacts hundred or thousand years ago. The remains of the early civilization as well as its traditional villages caught the attention of the foreigners. Greece is recognized as the most advanced in civilization because of the construction of Parthenon. It was considered as the most perfect building built on early civilization located at Acropolis.

Athens from Acropolis greece

Athens view from Acropolis

Acropolis in Athens can be reached after climbing a fat-burning ladder. Aside from the Parthenon are other buildings, which symbolize the Greek mythology. Below the Acropolis are other prime tourist destinations in Greece like theater of Herod Atticus, the rock of Areopagos, Ancient Agora, and the small temple Thission.

Other places which made Athens as one of the tourist destinations in Greece are other architectural complex like Roman Agora. Vast of colorful museums are scattered in the city like New Acropolis Museum, National Acheological Museum, Acropolis Museum, Byzantine Museum, Benaki Museum, and more. Old schools are also attractions for tourists such as Plato Academy, National Technical University of Athens and Athens Academy.

Halkidiki with the best beaches

Halkidiki is one of the tourist destinations in Greece which is famous for its pristine, unexploited beaches. Even it is the destination of foreigners for holidays, the nature’s cleanliness and freshness have been preserved. Halkidiki is composed of three fingers, or sometimes called as three legs, named Sithonia, Cassandra and Mt. Athos. Each peninsula has its own uniqueness that attracts the tourists. Among the three, only two peninsulas are open as tourist destinations in Greece. Mt. Athos is a sacred place where temples and churches were built.

Night-life, party goers chose Cassandra. It has the best sandy beaches installed with 24/7 bars giving the tourists an avenue for relaxation after the tiring water sports. Different from Cassandra, peace is what Sithonia provides to its visitors. It is a combination of enticing beauty of pine trees, mountain coves and sandy blue sea.

Halkidiki Peninsula Beach Mount Athos view

Halkidiki Peninsula Beach Mount Athos view

The Ancient Oracle of Delpphi

The Oracle of Delphi made Delphi as one of the tourist destinations in Greece. The oracle is said to be a powerful source of wisdom in Greece in the past. Aside from the oracle, Delphi has two popular museums. The Delphi Museum showcases the artifacts and treasures collected from Ancient Delphi. On the other hand, the Sikelianos Museum presented classical masks and costumes used during Greek Dramas. Other attractions that tourist can see in Delphi are Sanctuary of Apollo, Castalian Spring, Gymnasion, Sanctuary of Apollo Theatre, and Temple of Apollo.

Delphi Ancient Oracle Tholos Temple Greece

Delphi Ancient Oracle Tholos Temple


Epidaurus is a small town considered as one of the tourist destinations in Greece because it is a large healing center and a spiritual place. The fame came from a theatre which is the Sanctuary of Asklepios. The style of the theatre is a circular orchestra. Near the theatre is a small museum which contains statues and replicas.

Epidauros Ancient Theatre Greece

Epidauros Ancient Theatre

Meteora of Thessaly

After a series of picture taking from various tourist destinations in Greece, Meteora of Thessaly can increase spiritual individuality as it is the second sacred place to Mt. Athos. Meteora is an area in Thessaly with rock towers. The special attraction about the rock towers are the six monasteries build at the top of them. These monasteries were built many years ago. Tourists go there for hiking, mountain climbing and spiritual healing. Aside from the feeling of being close with God when in monasteries, the overlooking view of Thessaly can provide relations and increase positive energy.

Meteora Greek-Orthodox monasteries greece

Meteora Greek-Orthodox Monasteries


A different feeling will embrace tourist as they enter the little town of Nafplio. It is one of the oldest city in Greece, and once considered as the center of the country. The town preserves the neoclassic houses and wooden balconies adorned with flowers. Being at Nafplio is like entering the history of the town itself. The attractions which serve as some of the tourist destinations in Greece are Venetian Fortress of Palamidi, Syntagma Square, Palamidi Castle, and Arkonafplio.

Nafplio, Akronauplia Palamidi greece

Nafplio, Akronauplia Palamidi

These are just few of many tourist destinations in Greece. The country had earned all of its beauty from its pristine nature and rich history. Having a summer vacation in Greece would be worth trying for. It will be a combination of the sight-seeing, festival showing, spiritual healing, and outdoor activities. The remarkable experience anyone can get from the tourist destinations in Greece is a sure fun and worthy!



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